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Pittas Pitta may be the only manufacturing firm of authentic Greek pita bread for souvlaki, which still uses the traditional hand stretched made way of production. Our faith and perseverance to the tradition and our consistency to manufacture pure products of pita bread, classify us each year among the top Greek companies in our field. Pittas Pitta company is ISO 22000 certified.

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Our company has undertaken an exportation activity, which constitutes an integral part of its development.When we decided to make our first steps outside the greek borders, we didn’t realize the dynamic development of the greek pita bread and the response it would have in the foreign markets.The Greek pita bread for souvlaki constitutes one of the most developing food products, with huge dynamics in the markets both inside and outside Europe.

The European consumers, besides the Greek people who live abroad, have begun to discover the greek pita bread and to include it in their diet. This trend gives us a strong dynamic for further expansion in the international markets, since we are one of the very few greek pita bread manufacturing firms, which keeps using the traditional way of rolling out the dough by hand. The recognition of our expertise and of the quality of our greek pita bread for souvlaki products, encourages us to keep up our effort to provide products of high nutritional value and quality.

“Pittas Pitta” products are present in many countries such as Germany, Finland, Italy, France, Romania, United Kingdom, Switzerland,Poland,United Arab Emirates,Australia, China etc.

The procedures for the representation of our products in other countries will be completed soon.

It is our will and our basic strategy to seek opportunities to enter new markets and to draw up and develop more partnerships, both in Europe and outside Europe.

In case you are interested for partnership, contact us by the telephone numbers listed below or send us an e-mail by clicking here.

Head Office: 135, Constantinoupoleos str., Aharnai,

13678, Attiki

Tel: +30 210 24 77 730 – +30 210 24 77 731


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