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GREEK PITA BREAD (mini snack)  ....special offer







Pittas Pitta may be the only manufacturing firm of authentic Greek pita bread for souvlaki, which still uses the traditional hand stretched made way of production. Our faith and perseverance to the tradition and our consistency to manufacture pure products of pita bread, classify us each year among the top Greek companies in our field. Pittas Pitta company is ISO 22000 certified.

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Our firm, thanks to its long experience and the high quality of its products, has undertaken –besides the products it manufactures under its own trade name- the development of products in the form of private label, on behalf of partners.In this context, it produces greek pita bread for souvlaki products, on demand of cooperating firms and wholesale or retail chains.Since the day it was established up to now, “Pittas Pitta AE” enjoys the confidence of the biggest Super Market chains in Greece, both for its own brand products and for its private label products.

For further information, do not hesitate to contact our firm, in order to discuss in person, the investment opportunities in private label products which fit to the profile and dynamic of your company and offer new possibilities of growth.It has been our philosophy all along, that our products should be produced in modern means, but in a traditional way, using pure materials of excellent quality and thus maintaining the quality of our production in constant high levels. All these actions result in producing excellent quality products, with respect for the consumers who have confidence in us.