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The company “PITTAS PITTA SA” is specialized in the production of Greek pita bread for souvlaki with a strong presence in this food sector since 1958, in the area of Aharnes, Attika - Athens Greece.

Aiming at the response of the increasing consumers’ demands, we have automatized our production using modern engineering equipment, though preserving at the same time the old traditional way of production by hand-stretching the dough, while the centerline of our company is the consistency and the effective service of our clients.

Our company employs 45-50 people. We have created a modern, private, comfortable Greek pita bread manufacturing facility of 2.000 s.m., aiming to produce and deliver our products always warm and in time, in every point of sale.

In order to produce the flagship of the Greek - Mediterranean nutrition, the so called “souvlaki with pita bread”, we do our best to deliver warm and fresh pita breads in every selling spot in Athens, in a range of 150 km from our facilities. At the same time, in order to cover the demand in areas outside Attika, we have chambers of quick freezing which keep the characteristics of our pita bread intact and allow us to serve customers everywhere in Greece but also abroad.

We have developed and adjusted all the old procedures and have been certified with ISO 22000 in the production but also in the distribution, ensuring the safety of our products.

“Pittas Pitta S.A.” offer to you fresh proposals and smart dough solutions, it promises to cover any gustatory and corporate need, or anything else you can imagine.