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Our company has been in the Greek pita bread for souvlaki manufacturing business since 1958, carrying the experience of the founder of the company, mr Aristeidis Yiannakopoulos, who used to be a bakery worker in 1952.

 At that time, people used wooden stoves and used to roll the dough and stretch it by hand, pressing it with their fingers in order to shape it into what we call today “greek pita bread” and make a delicious meal with tomatoes, onion, yogurt, potatoes and cheese or kebab, Mediterranean herbs and whatever one can imagine.

 Since then and until today, mr Aristeidis Yannakopoulos, keeps supervising his creation and passing on his experience and know-how to the next generation, along with his secret recipe for the most tasteful Greek pita bread in the market, while making sure that his criteria are satisfied:

Making Greek pita bread for souvlaki in his own unique recipe like old times, by stretching the dough by hand in the traditional way and attaining the unique taste which he only knows.


We produce a unique Mediterranean product and we are proud to say that the Greek pita bread for souvlaki can be eaten alone, without adding anything on top.


"Greek pita bread is what makes the Greek Souvlaki