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Description :  Mini handmade pitta bread 10-12 cm 


Code : M-12


Flavors : Classic, corn, wholemeal

Diameter :    10 -12 cm
Weight :    45-55 gr / per pitta

Retail package : 

(pitta breads per package) 

   1 package X 10 pittas 

Retail Carton Box :

(pitta breads per carton) 

   12 packages

Catering Carton Box :

(pitta breads per carton) 

   24 packages 

Catering Carton Box :

(cartons per pallet) 


 72 packages(retail)

 36 packages(catering)

Ingredients :  


Wheat or wholemeal flour, sugar, salt, yeast, water, bakery enzymes, Calcium propionate


Maintainable fresh pitta bread


Pittas pita breads for souvlaki, are preserved fresh if stored under ideal conditions (8-28° C) and can be consumed within three days from their production. They can be stored for an additional 7 to 10 days in the refrigerator at a temperature from 1 to -5° C.


Maintainable frozen pitta bread  


Our company disposes of the appropriate storage areas and means in order to safely preserve and distribute our products. Our pita breads can be preserved in freezer for a 12 months’ period at an ideal freezing temperature up to -18° C and can be consumed directly after defrosting.